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One of the most important constituents of a kitchen is its worktops.  The choice of worktop, its design, material, colour, everything comes together to create a look of your final space. An ideal cheap worktops surface needs to have a lot of characteristics like sturdiness, stain resistance, heat resistance, colour stability, scratch resistance, non-porosity, etc (We will discuss in detail about these as to why they are necessary in the upcoming sections). Along with these essentials, it should also be something that fits your choice and personality, which might make determining the material for your surfaces a tough decision. But with enough knowledge of the variety of stones, colours and things alike, it will be much simpler. Find your stone by searching kitchen worktops uk in online.

Decide your layout

Deciding a layout will depend upon the size and shape of the room. Below are some of the basic layouts described briefly:

L-shape; this is one of the most popular designs, appropriate for kitchens worktops uk of any size. The work spaces are adjoined on two walls that run perpendicular to each other. If the room is spacious enough, a centre island can also be incorporated to either double the workspace or build an entertainment area.

One Wall

The one wall layout is a sole solution for very small homes and apartments. The sink is placed between the range and refrigerator, which flattens out the work triangle for maximum efficiency in a compact space. to get rid of the possibility of a disturbance in workflow, the refrigerator should be positioned such that its door opens opposite from the sink and not towards it. Pay attention to whether you are right or left handed when placing the dishwasher and regularly accessed cabinets, again for a smooth operation.

Galley Type

This is the most systematic layout for a narrow space that comes along with an efficient workflow. It comprises work spaces on two opposing walls with a single traffic lane in between them. We can achieve an easy workflow by positioning the range or cooktop on one side and the refrigerator and sink on the opposite wall. This design can be chosen so that the kitchen worktops near me opens to the remainder of the house on one or both ends. The optimal length for a galley usually ranges between 2 to 3.5 m and works specifically well in a rectangular space. It can be altered by substituting a wall with an island or peninsula open to an adjacent room.


This design is the most flexible layout for both large as well as small cheap kitchen worktops. It is designed in such a way that three walls are connected, leaving one free end for the entrance. This layout is efficient for large and medium sized families as it can provide ample space to work simultaneously. The separate work zones; cooking, cleaning and eating makes the space very organised.


This layout is attained by alteration of the U-shaped layout. It can be done so by addition of a partial fourth wall or simply a peninsula. Those can then be utilised for additional countertop and storage space. Based upon the preference of the homeowner, a second washbasin or hob can also be added if they are looking for easy accommodation of two workflow triangles. This can be an advantage in a home or a commercial space which usually sees more than one cook, giving them total freedom to work without hassle.

Kitchen Island

Depending upon the amount of space you have, you can decide to build an island, either in a new project or even in an existing one. The purpose of it being included might be many. Some might want additional space for cooking, storage, dining area, placing appliances, a small work sink, an entertainment area or to simply add value to their existing space by making it a focal point.

Decide your Material

From solid wood worktops to work surfaces of natural materials, a 21st century kitchen has a wide range of choices. Since a worktop frequently comes in contact with oils, fruit and vegetable extracts, citric spills, knives, forks, heavy appliances, etc , these choices must be evaluated before purchase.

A worktops must be

Scratch-resistance; frequent contact with knives and other sharp and heavy tools of a work-tops might cause a lot of damage to it, both aesthetically as well as financially. So look for resistant stone materials like quartz worktops or granite worktops. They do not easily chip or crack as opposed to laminate worktops and wood worktops.

Non-porous; occasional spillage of fruit and vegetable juices, cooking oils, citric acids, over time can stain your surface. Even regular cleaning agents like bleach, acid based cleaners etc, can pose threats(they are best avoided). So look for materials that are least porous in nature like engineered quartz. This ensures a germ free environment as water doesn’t penetrate which automatically prevents mould and microbe growth.

UV resistant; Good lighting is a must in kitchens and natural sunlight is the best source, even though it can be obtained from artificial sources. So, a worktops must not fade and lose its essence on coming in exposure with the sunlight, especially in outdoor kitchens.

Heat resistant; choose a worktop material that can endure the accidental placing of the bottom of your hot pans. However it is always recommended to use trivets and chopping boards underneath appliances like toaster ovens, electric frying pans, crock pots etc to prevent them from cracking due to extreme heat and burnt marks. Granite worktops is one such popular choice amongst homeowners due to its heat-resistant properties that ensures a timeless look.

Fabrication and Installation

This is best advised to be done with verified professionals with the right technology. Our registered KBB network fabricators have the experience of installation and knowledge of the product to give the best results for kitchen worktops UK. Our KBB network offers planning, designing, and implementation of the design that perfectly suits to create your dream home, be it cheap kitchen worktops or high quality designs.

Maintenance for Stone Worktops

Regardless of what cheap worktops material you choose, you will want to look after the surface with a regular cleaning routine. Choose the right products and particular cleaning practice so the sealant does not wear out. The sealant is added to the kitchen worktops near me to keep the spillage during cooking from being absorbed into the grains. Discoloration and marks are a threat, thus an immediate wiping is recommended to prolong its life. Careless use of chopping boards can cause the sturdy stone to chip which could deteriorate a beautiful centrepiece. To keep natural worktop gleaming, harmful chemicals, acidic chemicals or detergents, vinegar, lemon, are to be strictly avoided. For usual cleaning, clean soapy water or pH neutral cleaning liquid and wiping with microfibre cloths can get your kitchen surface to keep looking attractive, and last longer. Avoid any temptations to scrub the stained surface. Once you are done with the cleaning, it is important to wipe the surface dry using a microfiber cloth because any remains of water can dull the colour and may run the risk of discolouration. Maintaining cheap worktops requires regular cleaning, not only after meal preparation but also for placing handbags and briefcases, which can spread bacterial contamination easily.

Cleaning Watermarks:

Watermarks usually disappear on evaporation but in case of porous material, the spill might result in a dark and discoloured area. They can be removed with a soapy liquid wipe followed by complete drying of the surface.

Cleaning Oil Stains:

A good solution to take out those tough grease stains is to use baking soda and water. Remove the residue with a damp cloth and dry the surface, repeat the process for removing stains of large circumference and deep pigmentation.

It is always better to prevent the circumstances rather than fixing them, so be thoughtful of how you are using and what you are placing on the limestone worktop. With time and attention, your white sparkle worktop will not only last for a longer period of time but also remain new and shimmery.


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